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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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investigators are piecing together - hoping to explait f a bay area shady business deals. drugs, prostitutes, the wild story that investigators are piecing together hoping to explain the murder of the bay area millionaire. san jose's last homicide of 2012 turning out to be more than what it first seems. the maintenance worker turned security guard, now charged with murder. think of it as a one-stop shop for the affordable health insurance. >> one step closer to obama care. when you could start signing up for california's brand new insurance exchange. good evening everybody, i'm in for ken. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we still don't know how he died or why, but we're learning about the silicone valley millionaire who was murdered. in some cases a bit too much. cbs is 5 reporter kit do on the life this guy lead. >> reporter: new details are
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trickling out about the millionaire who says he lived in a fantasy world of hookers and drugs. all of this is coming to light as the accused killers are making their way through the court system. he's the fourth and final suspect to be arraigned in one of the most unusual and secretive murder cases in recent memories. austin along with garcia and anderson are charged with killing wealthy businessman at his mansion. newly released court documents said that the suspects then stole cash, a coin collection, and jewelry. beyond that investigators have not said much else. >> we're prohibited from talking about that at this stage of the investigation, which is ongoing. talking about it would hinder that investigation. >> reporter: how did three felons from sacramento and oakland with prior convictions for drugs find their way into the multimillionaire exclusive bay area businessman's home? the answer may lie with this woman. she was first arrested on
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prostitution charges last week. the murder suspects were arrested shortly after. dixon has been charged with harboring one of the murder suspects, but their exact relation to one another is unknown. and speaking of prostitutes, we dug through a stack of court documents two feet tall. he's accused of shady business deals. >> the business partners accused him of having a sham divorce. in fact the ceo wrote back in 2006. if you want to inflate the numbers on the value of tessla and his holdings to give his ex- wife the valuable assets through divorce in order to screw your creditors, no one is stopping you, however i am not about to lie for you or anyone else. in a separate e-mail, the same ceo wrote that he has never treated anyone fairly in his
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life except for his women. that's why no one in his family will have anything to do with him. and the case has been sealed by a judge so we won't know the details of this case until the trial begins. the suspects will be back in court tomorrow. live in downtown san jose, cbs 5. all right, tonight investigators got new evidence in that case of the missing teenager. cell phone activity. the 19-year-old alyssa burn was last seen at the verizon casino on new year's eve. she was there for the snow globe music festival with her friends. now detectives have identified an additional call from the girl's phone moments after midnight on new year's eve, the last time her phone was active. they are also looking at the last two tweets sent from her phone. >> we've seen those and they are still a debate as to the actual author of the tweets. the phone was used approximately 10 minutes after when we last knew it had been
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used. >> they are focusing their search on stateline and south lake tahoe where the music festival is taking place where they are reviewing surveillance video from the casino. so far no trace of alyssa. the next story has many layers. first the fact. a suspected burglar was shot and killed at a san jose apartment complex. but now the complicated part. the man who police say pulled the trigger was a maintenance worker who took on sort of a security guard role at the complex. cbs 5 digs into the details for us. >> reporter: louis hernandez, a 26-year-old apartment building maintenance man is charged with the final and 46 murder of 2012, but was the shooting in the parking lot of the summer breeze apartment on new year's eve a case of justice? >> i wouldn't call it justice, i would say that there was a victim obviously concerned because of a rash of burglaries. >> reporter: police say that hernandez and another
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maintenance man confronted 36- year-old christopher soriano after recognizing him in a suspect of a string of unsolved car burglaries at the complex. >> the suspect approached the victim and in an attempt to go ahead and try a citizens arrest. >> reporter: the facts filed by the district attorney, hernandez pulled a handgun and shot him as he tried to run out of the garage. >> we're not sure what really happened. >> reporter: neighbors upset by the rise of crime and shaken by the killing stood up for hernandez. >> the guy that, you know, he did that, he's a good guy. he has been working for many years. and he's a good guy. >> police say that hernandez bought the weapon illegally on the street for self-defense. neighbors say he had taken on a role recently as a security guard after a string of car break-ins. due to low staffing levels, san jose police rarely respond or actively investigate
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burglaries. >> there's no security. there's no safety whatsoever. >> reporter: neighbors say that hernandez may have acted out of frustration. >> because people have stolen cars, they have stolen, you know, personal values. >> the manager says to call the police, we called the police. but they didn't do anything. nothing. >> they don't come to investigate. >> maybe they come, but they never say what happened, you know. nothing happened. >> reporter: the district attorney's office said that mr. hernandez waived his miranda rights after telling police a different version of the event. he'll be arraigned in court on murder charges tomorrow morning. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs5. other bay area headlines, another home invasion in richmond this time. five intruders broke into the home on 40th avenue at 3:00 in the morning. one of the residence was dragged out of bed and asked for valuables.
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the robber stole iphones, xbox, computers, cash. police are still looking for the suspects. and oakland systems helped police break up a new year's eve gun battle. the technology lead them straight to the shell casings just seconds after the gunfire respected in front of the home on 84th -- erupted in front of the home on 84th avenue. officers recovered 100 rounds of assault weapons that the man tossed out of the car. the other shooter got away. a couple unusual insurance claims are about to be filed. around 7:00 tonight, the tree branches toppled on to two cars traveling down the parkway. both cars damaged, nobody was hurt. public works is assessing the health of those trees. at the u.s. capitol today, hitting the floor as soon as the 113th congress did. but so far, not much has changed. my colleagues the speaker of the house, john boehner.
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>> the ohio republican john boehner was narrowly reelected as house speaker. roughly a dozen republicans casted protest votes against him over the fiscal cliff deal this week. they did usher in big change when 13 new senators took the oath today. five of them women. they take it to 20, a historic high. >> welcome back. a return for the illinois senator absent for a full year after suffering a stroke. he came back into the building for the first time with a climb up the 45 capitol steps. on a house related area, are you happy with your health insurance? if not listen closely because today the feds gave the thumbs up for cover california the new
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health exchange program that may not work well for everybody, but cbs5 reporter sharon chin tells us once it kicks in, it will certainly work for many. >> and i just came from the free clinic to get some dental work. i would really appreciate that. >> cover california is for small businesses and five million uninsured people that make too much for medical can shop for cheaper medicare. >> think of it as a one-stop shop for affordable health insurance. >> reporter: state organizers also want buying insurance to be as simple as possible. as easy as buying a book online. >> well you can go on their website and get an easy to understand display of what the plan provides, what it doesn't cover, how much it costs. >> reporter: when you log on to cover california, it is expected to tell you if you qualify for help to pay your premium. for example a family of four
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that makes $9 be ,000 a year -- $93,000 a year will be eligible for federal subsidies. right now they are firming up the insurance companies that will participate and details of their lance. and the teachers and the artist, they are interested in more competitive premiums. they are uninsured, saying they cannot afford to get sick. >> it will be between rent and food and all your other expenses, like 1,000 a month which is what a lot of insurance costs if you're an individual. and it is kind of insane. >> some say they can't wait to get on board when enrollment begins on october 1 and medicare coverage starts in january of 2014. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. 30 fights, 31 citations and countless energy drink and cocktails later, the party is over. >> nobody wants to be in business and have a fight with the city all the time. >> the long bumpy road that brought last call and the
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owners parting shots at the walnut creek establishment. on the mound he brings an unmistakable fiery identity. the ugly incident that unfolded at the security check point when sergio romo couldn't produce the proper i.d. he showed up alone out of the blue, but the latest visitor is getting a warm welcome and a name. ,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. ip never got muc well the owner says he is just trying to run a nightclub as police call it a magnet for crime. the relationship never got much further than that. tonight the vice ultra lounge
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is closed for good. cbs 5 reporter with the owners partying shots at the city of walnut creek. >> reporter: the disco ball is down and the party is over for the vice ultra lounge. the co-owner shut its doors on new year's day after a lengthy run-in with the police and the city. >> nobody wants to be in a business to have fights with the city all the time. >> reporter: they sent the city and the police department saying they made it impossible for him to operate. he claims that the cops singled him out by parking in front of his club and that intimidated his customers. also the walnut creek planning commission last year ordered vice ultra lounge to stop serving alcohol after 11:00 p.m. instead of 1:15. the city thought that less alcohol would lead to fewer fights around the club. police linked 30 fights to the club as the city tried to move up the last call hours for bars to prevent fights like this one that happened in the downtown area. he said that there weren't any
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fights here and false accusations tarnished the club's reputation. >> i'm devastated. i'm devastated in closing. i don't want to close down a business. no one goes down into a business to close down. >> reporter: in the latest twist, he posted this mock press conference on youtube to announce the closure. some people saw it as one last jab at city officials. though he denies it. some neighboring businesses say that the closure is a good thing. >> there's already too much partying going on. just adding more and increasing the chances of more violence, it is always a bad thing. >> reporter: aside from the 30 fights linked to the nightclub, police, they also cited the co- owner and this place a combined 31 times. the business owners say they don't know what they could do. they could open up a different type of business here. in walnut creek, cbs 5. giants closer sergio romo has a court date in las vegas. he was going through the security check point on new year's day when the tsa agent
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asked him for the proper i.d. he didn't have one. he was at an aggressive stance with the fifth plunge and didn't back down so they arrested him. he's not allowed to fly. tonight he apologized and promised to conduct himself in the giant's way in the future. they are getting death threats on twitter. david akers got them last month and reported it to the team and the nfl since closing his twitter account. the 38-year-old was in the slump this season making only 29 of 42 field goal attempts. it looks like we're close to the end of the era. they are expected to announce the retirement tomorrow.
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he may stay with them in some sort of a view. >> reporter: transforming many times before. now it's happening again in a big way. on the latest met morses along the city's water fronts. >> it's been a fixture along their water fronts, long before the manager sean pattons uncle was being arrested for union activity. this is during the world war ii. when their breakfast, a murder and a beer cost $2. >> my father had ten brothers. all of them were policemen and firemen, working down in the warehouses around here. unimaginable the way that it would get for the next couple of years. the latest project is the makeover. a $5.5 million project. it all started this week.
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>> take that as a promise. >> they planned the arena. and they talk of the new hotel, the new restaurants. the place is not too shabby right now. >> and i think that this is kind of the last front tier if you will for the change in the city. the cup race later this year will lead to a new terminal. they come to this area already and it is not done yet. literally down the road. >> it is a big mess. they will need to come out with a better idea for the people driving through the neighborhood. among other complaints. >> what do you think that your uncle would think about this team? they are old school guys. >> reporter: they were at the arena, likely to cost over $10.
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it should be finished in the year of 2017. in san francisco, mike sugarman, cbs 5. and first it was the cold and now we are talking about the rain. and next, they will tell us why it is a red tonight as eyewitness news continues on the cw. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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for the first time in a long time, san francisco has a resident river otter. he's been splashing around the old bath near the cliff house. no one knows exactly how he got here, but the dna tests are being done to see if sam swam his way here. researchers say that sam is the first otter recorded in decades in san francisco. >> well, i've seen him on october 1, the first time i noticed him. well, there's plenty of fish. i've seen him catch a lot of fish every day since he has been here.
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i guess it's why he's sticking around. >> he's a bit of a hand for the cameras, do not approach him though. they ask that you keep your distance, and not feed him. don't let your dogs swim with him either. >> how do they know by dna testing where it came from? how would they prove that? >> relative. >> i was going to say he's a little higher. [ laughter ] >> like the rest of us with a prettier coat. >> take a look at the live weather cam. why, i ask you why is it a globe in red? it has something to do with the otter. >> i thought you knew. >> and i was under the impression that you knew. >> currently, temperatures in the 20s and the pros after realizing that there today. and that was in oakland. it is now 36 degrees in santa
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rosa after realizing the morning low of 27. tonight 30 in santa rosa, ho in oakland and 48 degrees in san jose. they are not as cold as last night. but nevertheless still. tomorrow is sunny as far as the average high temperatures are concerned. throw a few clouds here today. back here it will be a very weak disturbance. however the computer models are now leaning towards this low. it's as early as saturday afternoon, placing the rain right there in the far reaches of the sonoma coast. everybody is pretty much on the west side, so the bulk of your day will be dry. some snow here in the higher elevations. a rain will be moving back into
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our forecast. not how much rain between saturday and when it starts to rain? all the way to saturday night? just enough to wet the pavement in downtown san jose. but between now and then we will start off frosty tomorrow with a lot of sunshine in the 50s to 60 degrees. pretty similar to today and on saturday the rain begins by night fall for most of us in and out of the rain by sunday. cloudy on monday and partial clearing on the skies on tuesday through thursday, which is your pinpoint forecast. what's up? >> have i got a minute of sports for you. i've got the college football showdown in the desert. oregon/kansas state. it's a fiesta. the minute is next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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rethink possible. returned to practice today. ..former eagles coach andy is reporedly this close to they injured the defensive tackle as people were wondering about that returning to pack us today. he's reportedly close to becoming the new man in kansas city. to the fiesta bowl as they are calling chip kelly. one is the oregon ducks. speaking of runs, how about thomas on the opening kick off? 94 yards for one of the fastest men in football. it's a touchdown, oregon is on the board, just like that. contrasting fans and the emotions. now comes the big job interviews coach. just seconds left as they could not put that in the basket here. they missed that putback jam and the big view, they live,
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beating the cardinals 71-69. it was their night on the hill top as they scored 12. but they win big. >> wow. >> and i made it right on time. >> just perfect. >> yes. >> and they were able to move that there tonight. every now and then. >> just beautifully done. >> yes. >> i think it wraps it up. thank you so much. that does it for eyewitness news at 10:00. and now from high atop the corner on our cbs 5 studios, a look at the building here. >> yes. >> that's right. >> a week from saturday. kick off at 5:00 p.m. >> who will be the kicker?
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>> that's the question. >> yes. we'll see you at 11:00. ,, ,,


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